Oura’s new AI Coach will make you rethink that midnight snack

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Oura’s new AI Coach will make you rethink that midnight snack

In a move that’s sure to excite both tech enthusiasts and health junkies alike, Oura has just announced the launch of Oura Advisor, the AI-powered personal health coach that’s set to make you question your life choices – in the nicest way possible.

Oura Advisor isn’t just your run-of-the-mill fitness tracker update. This new feature, part of the innovative Oura Labs, promises to transform how you approach your health goals.

Think of it as a life coach who’s constantly plugged into your daily habits, ready to offer insights, recommendations, and probably a few “Are you sure about that?” moments.

Users can customise the intensity of their coaching and focus areas, making it ideal for both those who just need a nudge and those who want a full-on health overhaul.

The AI coach is available 24/7, meaning you can now ask for health advice at 3 AM, right when you need it most – like deciding whether that leftover pizza is a good idea (spoiler: it’s not).

Oura isn’t stopping at just one feature update. The second “Made for Members” update for 2024 is packed with goodies, including the new Discoveries feature (iOS only) that will link your health patterns to your overall well-being.

The new Integrations feature will act as a health app shopping mall, letting you browse partner integrations by category. Whether you’re focusing on women’s health, stress and resilience, fitness, or nutrition, Oura has you covered.

Oura has recently rolled out the Cardiovascular Age and Cardio Capacity features, providing benchmarks and long-term health insights. Meanwhile, the Cycle Insights Updates are here to help users track menstrual cycles with the precision of a Swiss watch, which is especially beneficial for those with irregular cycles and women in perimenopause.

With these updates, Oura is doubling down on its mission to be a holistic, personal health companion. The Oura Advisor is the star of this show, ready to chat, encourage, and possibly guilt-trip you into better habits.

The Oura Ring Gen 3 is available to buy now at Oura. Membership costs $5.99 a month.