Forget Prime Day – Ooni’s pizza ovens are 30% off in its summer sale

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Forget Prime Day – Ooni’s pizza ovens are 30% off in its summer sale

While the best Prime Day deals are right around the corner, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t’ have a look at other retailers’ sales events. For example, right now Ooni is running its summer sale and offering up to 30% off its popular Koda, Karu, Fyra and Volt pizza ovens, and accessories.

Shop the full Ooni Summer Sale

As one of the best pizza oven brands on the market, Ooni offers a variety of gas, wood pellet and electric models that will look the part in any garden. Aside from making delicious and authentic pizzas, Ooni pizza ovens can also cook meat, vegetables, fish, bread, desserts and more, making them a brilliant investment for your outdoor kitchen.

Pizza ovens aren’t cheap purchases, so if you want to get your hands on an Ooni pizza oven, the summer sale is the time to do so. To help you decide, I’ve rounded up the best three Ooni pizza oven deals you can buy today, but if you want to shop the full sale, click the link above to head over to the Ooni website.

If you’re new to the world of pizza ovens, you might want to consider looking at the bundle deals from the Ooni summer sale. Right now, you can find Essentials, Ultimate and Pizza Peel bundles for all pizza oven options, or you can buy accessories separately, including pizza pans, serving boards, covers and fuel.