Ford Capri returns as a modern EV

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Ford Capri returns as a modern EV

The original Ford Capri was the Mustang of Europe. Through the 1970s and 1980s it was the working man’s sports car, aspirational but with the reaches of the masses. Growing up, there was one at the end of my road and I always lusted over it, almost as much as an old MG or Triumph. 

It was a fastback coupé – a two-door car that was impractical for a family, and the celebration of the bachelor, or those lucky enough to afford a second car. Much like the Mustang was in the US, but while the Mustang continued through the years, the Capri ceased production in 1984. 

Now though it’s back, and like the Mustang, has been given a modern facelift and an all-electric powertrain. There’s certainly some resemblance to the original Capri in design but the new model has a more muscular American look to it. It’s also gained two doors and put on a bit of weight. 

(Image credit: Ford)

While thankfully not an SUV or crossover, the new Capri has four doors and looks decidedly chunkier than the original. Ford calls this a sports coupe but I’d class it as a saloon or sedan. It’s certainly a more practical family solution – it even comes with 570 litres of luggage space.