Roku TVs and streamers get a great free entertainment upgrade

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Roku TVs and streamers get a great free entertainment upgrade

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Roku has pushed an update to its TVs and streaming devices in the US that has added a new game onto the home screen.

A weekly trivia quiz is now available, which features topical questions across a whole range of subjects.

There’s a new feature that’s arrived on Roku TVs and streamers in the US – weekly trivia.

Roku has rolled out an update to its streaming devices and televisions that has added a new section on the menu. Each Tuesday, a new round of 10 trivia questions will appear for the whole family to work their way through.

It covers subjects like sports, movies and TV premieres, and holidays, which will all be topical – you can feel like you’re participating in a game show.

Players are also helped out by the Roku City characters that appear on the home page. You can start a game from the home screen menu or through search.

It’s not yet know when (or if) Roku plans to expand its weekly trivia quiz to other regions, such as the UK and Ireland. However, the company traditionally introduces new features in the States first, before a wider roll out later.

That was the case of the Roku Channel, for example, which arrived in the UK in 2020, several years after its debut in the US.

It is not a mainstay on Roku devices in both locations, plus third-party hardware, such as Sky Q.

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