EE Broadband Made for Gamers gives you ultrafast 1.6 Gbps speeds and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free

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EE Broadband Made for Gamers gives you ultrafast 1.6 Gbps speeds and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free

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EE’s latest broadband plan is dedicated for PC and console gamers.

EE Broadband Made for Gamers costs £79.99 per month and offers up to 1.6 Gbps data speeds. It also sports a game mode that prioritises gaming, and you get two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free.

EE has launched a dedicated broadband service for hardcore gamers in the UK, which gives the maximum speeds available today, along with some dedicated gaming modes and features.

In addition, EE Broadband Made for Gamers, as it’s called, comes with free membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for two years.

The service boasts speeds of up to 1.6 Gbps – among the fastest in the UK today. That could enable you to download a 100GB game in just over 8 minutes. Considering most games are half that or below, you could download and install some of the biggest titles in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

EE offers the Smart Hub Plus router with this plan, which also comes with a game mode to optimise speeds during play time.

That’s because, when activated, it prioritises online gaming traffic – ensuring that other connected activities on the same home network have no impact on latency and overall performance.

There are also other features to the game mode, including a geo filter which ensures players are connected to the highest quality servers, blocking any that have increased lag.

There’s a ping optimiser too, which EE claims reduces ping by up to 24%.

Finally, the bundle includes Smart WiFi to ensure that all areas of the home are covered by a stable, fast wireless connection.

Naturally, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be especially useful to gamers with an Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X or PC. However, PS5 owners can also make benefit of the gaming dedicated broadband and use Xbox Cloud Gaming on a mobile device, Samsung Smart TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (which has just been added to the supported devices list).

“We believe we’re making a huge step in our ambition to become the number one destination for gaming in the UK, by creating a broadband package that has been truly tailored for gamers to enhance their in-game experiences,” said EE’s director of gaming, Sam Kemp.

EE Broadband Made for Gamers is available now for £79.99 per month.