Beerwulf knocks £100 off its premium beer tap starter pack

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Beerwulf knocks £100 off its premium beer tap starter pack

With temperatures due to hit 30°C this week and the football finally in full force, there’s no better feeling than being outside with a cool, crisp pint in hand. It’s the one thing that gets us Brits together, especially if there’s a burger or two thrown in the mix. However, if the thought of freshly poured beer and full viewing access appeases you more than sweaty hoards of people and long queues, we’ve got just the ticket. 

Beerwulf has provided the perfect solution for bringing that big match feeling home with BLADE – its premium beer tap for fresh, pub-quality pints at home. Whether you’re hoping to jazz up the office, kitchen, home bar or event space, BLADE’s sleek design allows it to blend seamlessly into any setting. With a wide range of keg options and innovative cooling and storage features, you really can’t go wrong. 

What’s more is that Beerwulf has currently reduced its premium beer tap starter pack by £100, allowing users to save an impressive amount. Keep reading to find out more about BLADE, and how you can redeem the offer. 

How does BLADE work?

The BLADE home draught machine brings the pub to your front door, allowing you to enjoy quality pints from the comfort of your living room. All you have to do is plug the machine in and insert a keg of your choice, and BLADE will get busy bringing the beer to the optimum drinking temperature of 2°C. 

The machine also keeps the beer fresh for 30 days due to its innovative air compression system. That means in the (unlikely) event of not finishing the keg, you can keep it ready and waiting for the next match. 

Which kegs are available?

Beerwulf offers a range of beer kegs for BLADE, including Heineken, Strongbow, Birra Moretti and its latest addition, Cruzcampo. The brand is also continuously adding new options, so if you can’t currently see your favourite beer, it’s likely it’ll be available soon. 

Each keg can deliver 14 freshly chilled pints, which is above the average amount for a lot of at-home beer machines. 

How can you redeem the offer?

To redeem the BLADE starter pack offer, head over to the Beerwulf website to order your BLADE home draught starter pack with £100 off today. You’ll also be able to claim free delivery and returns within 30 days of purchase, so there’s no excuse really. 

Enjoy responsibly.