This top-rated smart plug is nearly 20% off in the early Amazon Prime Day sale

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This top-rated smart plug is nearly 20% off in the early Amazon Prime Day sale

If you don’t have a smart plug at least somewhere in your home, then you’re missing out. If you’re not even sure what a smart plug is, then you’re seriously missing out. The best smart plugs can be put into your existing wall sockets, allowing you to then plug in your household appliances such as your kettle, toaster, lamps etc. This then gives users the ability to control these devices or appliances remotely via an app. Cool, right?

If you hadn’t heard, Amazon has announced its Prime Day event is taking place on the 16th and 17th July. You will be able to find all the biggest deals on the main Amazon Prime Big Deal Day in the US.

Even though it’s still a few weeks ago, we’ve noticed that the pre Prime Day sales are slowly making more of an appearance. After having a good browse, we’re starting off with a good one, especially if you’re in the market for a smart plug. Amazon have announced an impressive 17% off its top choice smart plug, the EIGHTREE four pack. 

Like other top rated smart plugs, the EIGHTREE Smart Plug can be activated via voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant. That literally means you can turn your kettle on without even having to leave the couch. Does that make anyone else excited? Okay, only me then. 

It’s also incredibly easy to set up, taking less than two minutes to configure. The upgraded chip makes it easy to keep a stable network connection, helping it not to go offline often. Other features also include diverse timer scheduling functions, create scenes, group control and device sharing functions. 

The EIGHTREE Smart Plug also comes in a single pack and a double pack, but it is the four pack that’s currently discounted. A four pack is great way to get your smart plug setup sorted, especially if you’re buying them for the first time.