Honor Magic V3 is coming and it could change foldables forever

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Honor Magic V3 is coming and it could change foldables forever
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Honor has teased its next folding phone, the Honor Magic V3 and it’s looking like a stunner already.

The phone will be thinner than its predecessor, and a leak has revealed by how much.

Honor has just started to tease its next big folding phone, the Honor Magic V3, with a single image that makes it clear the phone will be its thinnest yet.

That’s something that it could already boast about regarding the Honor Magic V2, which came out around a year ago and is just 9.9mm thin. However, a leaker has followed up the official teaser by indicating that the new version will be slimmer still. 

Honor’s teaser was posted to Weibo, and it didn’t take long for the leaker (@Rodent950) to react to it on X (formerly Twitter) in the form of a specs list with some of the most important details redacted for now. 

In particular, the post claims that the new phone will be somewhere between 6 and 7mm thick, which would be a pretty impressive margin compared to the last version. But, in a follow-up post responding to a question, the leaker then revised things a little: “9.xx mm thin when folded, thinner than V2 – that 6 is typo”. 

So, it would seem that the difference between the two generations might be more fractional than the first version of the leak indicated. It’ll also apparently weigh around 22g, although there’s a decimal point once again redacted. 

The phone will also reportedly have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset to power it, a battery of at least 5,000mAh to rely on, and 66W fast charging to let you power it up really quickly.

The main camera will be a 50-megapixel shooter, while it’ll also apparently have a super-thin USB-C connector for wired charging (although what that means compared to a normal socket is anyone’s guess for now). 

That looks like a really solid list of specs for a phone of this sort, although as with all the best folding phones, it’ll really hinge on whether the design sets people’s imaginations alight.

From that single teaser image, it looks like Honor could be working on something special, so we’ll have to wait for more official information to come out in due course.