Polisario imposes ‘terror regime’ in Tindouf camps

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Polisario imposes ‘terror regime’ in Tindouf camps

Polisario imposes a “terror regime in Tindouf camps” where human rights are “systematically violated”, underlines Spanish academic Hector Alvarez Garcia.

“Polisario leadership is a gang of criminals who have imposed a terror regime in Tindouf camps: a prison in the desert where human rights are systematically violated”, Alvarez Garcia writes in a column published Saturday on the Spanish newspaper “La Razon”.

“Polisario Front is a bloodthirsty and kleptocratic organization whose ambition is to establish, through armed struggle, a fictitious and instrumentalized state in the Sahara”, a “historically and legally Moroccan territory”, notes the professor of constitutional law at the Pablo Olavide University of Seville.

Despite the maneuvers of Polisario, supported by Algeria, “Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara is undisputable”, the Spanish academic underlines, commending the steps taken by Morocco to settle this artificial dispute.

Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, endeavors to settle this artificial conflict through a “holistic approach”, encompassing “political and diplomatic action and the promotion of socio-economic and human development in the region”, he writes, stressing that HM the King has “always promoted a sincere and fraternal dialogue” to resolve the artificial dispute over the Moroccan Sahara through the autonomy plan which represents a “pragmatic solution”.

The autonomy plan “is the most serious, realistic and credible proposal” to resolve the dispute, Alvarez Garcia underlines, adding that this proposal enjoys the “legal support of twenty resolutions of the UN Security Council, the political support of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the United States, Japan, Brazil and the main European countries, and the diplomatic recognition of twenty-six consulates in Laayoune and Dakhla.”