Adobe Photoshop Express (2024) review

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Adobe Photoshop Express (2024) review

There’s no denying that when it comes to the best photo editors, Adobe Photoshop sets the industry-standard. The image editing software is so ubiquitous, the name has even become a common noun. 

But Photoshop is a huge beast of a program for desktop computers. How can it be squeezed into a mobile device? Well it can, for iPads, but you can’t run that on a phone or Android device. However, by paring it down to a few cool essential features you can: enter Photoshop Express. 

Adobe Photoshop Express: Pricing & plans

Photoshop Express can automatically detect objects and background, while allowing you to customise the selection – shame the lack of fine tune brushes can hamper this work  (Image credit: Adobe)
  • A free download is great, but the best tools are hidden behind a paywall. Still, there are numerous ways to unlock all the features, and if you subscribe to an Adobe plan that includes Photoshop, you already have Express as part of the deal.