Next Lego Fortnite update to add Cozy and permadeath Expert modes

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Next Lego Fortnite update to add Cozy and permadeath Expert modes

Epic Games has revealed that Lego Fortnite is getting two new game modes, both for players who want a relaxing experience and a bigger challenge.

Version 30.10 goes live today (June 13) and introduces two new difficulty settings called Cozy Mode and Expert Mode. 

Cozy Mode is designed for those who don’t want to engage too much in combat or worry about scrounging up resources, allowing for a more laid-back playstyle – so it’s perfect for those who generally enjoy cozy games like Animal Crossing or Minecraft Creative Mode.

“Whether you’re a beginner survivor or a builder who likes a little bit of thrill, Cozy mode’s up your alley!” Epic said. “Create a world and get greeted by Slumber, a friendly face who’ll guide you through your journey step-by-step.”

This mode’s default settings will still feature enemies but are toned down to an easy difficulty, Storm-Wild enemies are turned off, along with systems that will affect survival like hunger, temperature, stamina, friendly damage, and more. 

Players will also instantly respawn when they die, and you won’t drop your entire inventory either. You can also change these settings whenever you want. 

On the other hand, Expert Mode is essentially the hardest difficulty to be added to the game and implements a permanent death, or ‘permadeath’, system for players who are willing to face even harder enemies called Storm-Wild.

“In Expert mode, creatures infected by a “storm” roam with creatures who haven’t been infected. (Where did this storm come from…) These Storm-Wild enemies deal more damage, have more Health, and move faster than regular enemies. If you’re not prepared to face them, running away won’t be easy…”

According to Epic, regular enemies will be stronger in Expert mode than in other modes, even if they aren’t Storm-Wild, and if you lose all your health you will be “permanently eliminated from that world” unless you have a Totem of Return to revive yourself.

Players can also earn new achievements in Expert Mode to show off their resilience, including the Grasslands, Dry Valley, and Frostland trophies, which can be earned after defeating a boss in each biome.

You can take a look at the full patch notes here, where new balance changes and major improvements have also been detailed, along with a plethora of new Lego skins.

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