Spain’s far-right VOX party wants to build walls around Sebta, Melilla

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Spain’s far-right VOX party wants to build walls around Sebta, Melilla

Spain’s far-right “Vox” party continues its anti-Moroccan line by adopting a highly controversial project for the occupied towns of Sebta and Melilla.

The Spanish fascist party proposes to erect high walls to encircle the towns and clearly mark their separation from Moroccan territory.

The far-right party’s proposal is not new; it has been part of its electoral ambitions since its inception.

Despite its controversial and implausible nature, which could not only create tensions between the two countries but could also lead to a clean break, the far-right party is playing this card for electoral purposes.

In reality, a proposal such as this one, put forward by the Spanish political party, only serves populist and electoral purposes.

Implementing a project like this is impossible, and it seems that the members of Vox have forgotten that the fall of the Berlin Wall dates back to 1989.

The party can count on a rise in populism and radical racism in Spain to glean votes in the forthcoming European elections, mixing protectionist ideas driven by media campaigns directed against Morocco, with positions on immigration, to turn it into a sovereignist and fascist program.

According to the latest polls and opinion surveys for the European elections in Spain, Vox is in third place behind the ruling PSOE workers’ party and the right-wing Popular Party.

“Strengthen our borders. Build an impenetrable wall at Sebta and Melilla. Equip the police and armed forces with all the material and human resources they need to protect our borders with total efficiency”, writes Vox in its program, which resembles a war manifesto.

The party, chaired by MP Santiago Abascal, adds in its manifesto that we must “demand that Morocco fully recognize and respect Spanish sovereignty over Sebta and Melilla”.

This demand is often repeated in Vox’s discourse, especially in the two occupied cities, overlooking the main issues of importance to Spain.

However, the proposal for a separation wall on the same territory – which, moreover, was colonized by the Spanish – is well and truly in the Vox electoral programme for the European elections on June 9, presumably to take advantage of the far-right turn that Europe is taking.

Vox, with its fundamentally racist ideology, goes even further in its program, demanding the closure of mosques deemed “fundamentalist”, speaking of “banning the teaching of Islam in public schools”, and calling for the expulsion of imams who “propagate fundamentalism, contempt for women or jihad”.