Sky’s Ultrafast Plus broadband package is now just £32pm and comes with a £65 gift card

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Sky’s Ultrafast Plus broadband package is now just £32pm and comes with a £65 gift card

Looking to grab a new broadband deal that can provide you with some of the fastest speeds on the market, at an affordable price? Well, you’re in luck. 

Right now, Sky’s Ultrafast Plus broadband package, which provides average download speeds of 500Mbps, is available for just £32 per month (with a £5 upfront fee). To sweeten the pot, you’ll also receive a £65 gift card once you’re up and running that can be spent at a variety of major retailers across the UK. The offer, which expires June 13th, is available to new Sky broadband customers.

The 500Mbps average download speeds offered by Sky’s Ultrafast Plus broadband option are more than quick enough to deal with the broadband demands of the vast majority of busy and connected homes. After all, these Full Fibre speeds will be fast enough for more than 10 people to download, stream and game online simultaneously without any buffering or lag. 

Ready to get up and running with Sky? Hit the link below for more details and to get started.

Our Sky Broadband Deal

Why choose Sky Broadband?

Sky Broadband is one of the UK’s most popular internet service providers, with more than 5,000,000 customers – it’s easy to see why, though. 

After all, Sky offers a great selection of packages and is currently the go-to provider for people looking for great broadband and TV bundles. This is particularly the case for people who specifically want to watch Sky Channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports, and Sky Cinema. Added to this, the company allows you to bundle a wide selection of streaming services, home phones, and mobile options.

That said, Sky’s offering isn’t perfect and some of its deals can be expensive. However, when they’re in the sale like the option we highlighted here, they’re incredibly affordable and Sky can even compete with budget providers! 

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