Dreo PolyFan 704S smart fan review

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Dreo PolyFan 704S smart fan review

Dreo PolyFan 704S two-minute review

As someone who is always hot and has been known to wear flip flops and shorts when in winter, I own – and have tested – a huge number of fans in my time. This includes cheap, desktop models right up to Dyson behemoths and I can honestly say the Dreo PolyFan 704S beats them all. 

It’s a high-performing, smart pedestal fan that comes with a huge, and impressive array of features. Not only does it provide nine speeds of powerful airflow that cools you down without ever leaving you feeling icy cold, it covers a huge distance. Despite its relatively small, 9″ / 22.7cm fan head. This is due to its huge 110ft / 33.5m wind distance coupled with the fact you can angle it by 150-degrees horizontal and 120 degrees vertical. Even in Turbo mode, where the fan operates at maximum speed, the fan is surprisingly quiet, while in Sleep mode and at lower speeds you can barely tell it’s on. So much so I often went to turn the fan on, via the app, before realizing it was already running. 

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Speaking of the app, the fan comes with Wi-Fi built in which means that you can connect and control it from both your phone, as well as your voice through smart speaker integration. Via the Dreo app you can set the angle, control the speed and oscillation, set timers and schedules and even customize the fan to match its speed to the room’s ambient temperature. Or, via Alexa or Google Home, you can turn the fan on and off, increase or decrease the fan speed, and even adjust the angle by as little as one-degree increments, hands-free.