How can we reduce global food insecurity? | Hunger

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How can we reduce global food insecurity? | Hunger

New report warns that 282 million people faced acute hunger last year.

Hunger around the world has reached alarming levels, according to a new multi-agency report on global food insecurity.

For the fifth year, acute food insecurity has increased, impacting hundreds of millions of people.

The issue is posing a major challenge to the United Nations goal of ending hunger by 2030.

Conflict – rather than climate change – is the biggest cause.

Has enough been done to address the crisis?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Alex de Waal – Executive director of World Peace Foundation at Tufts University in the US

Mamadou Goita – Member of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems, a Brussels-based think-tank

Jemilah Mahmood – Executive Director of the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health at Sunway University in Malaysia