Moroccan woman spat on for wearing a hijab in Paris

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Moroccan woman spat on for wearing a hijab in Paris

Hespress ENTuesday 23 April 2024 – 19:36

A Moroccan woman was attacked in Paris while on a tourist visit with a friend, in what many described as an act of racism.

French media reported that the incident occurred near the Eiffel Tower last Wednesday, as the two veiled women paused for a moment to check an address on their phones before one of them was spat on by a passerby.

“We were talking with my friend when a jogger passed by us…He spat on me. I could feel his spit on my veil,” Fatima Saidi recounts on TikTok.

Le Parisien noted that the victims, both wearing hijabs, headed to a Parisian police station to file a complaint against the attacker, who was captured in a video walking away after the attack.

The Paris City Council condemned the incident, “which constitutes an attack on the Islamic religion and against women,” Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said, adding that “this aggression contradicts the spirit of tolerance and openness that Paris is known for.”

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