Already aquired by Morocco, Ground Master Radar now in high global demand

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Already aquired by Morocco, Ground Master Radar now in high global demand

Morocco has bolstered its air defense capabilities with the acquisition of the Ground Master 400 (GM400) radar system in the summer of 2021, an advanced French technology that is now  in high demand around the world, Politico reported.

The report highlights the growing global interest in the GM400, prompting its manufacturer, the French Thales Group, to significantly increase production.

A factory was set up near Paris and aims to double its output of Ground Master radars to meet this international demand.

The GM400 radar offers a range of capabilities that enhance Morocco’s ability to monitor and safeguard its airspace.

Here’s a closer look at some of its key features:

  • Enhanced Air Surveillance: The GM400 is a highly sophisticated system capable of detecting a wide variety of aerial threats, including jet fighters, missiles, helicopters, and even drones. This makes it a valuable tool for comprehensive air defense. The system can also differentiate between different Ground Master models, ensuring optimal performance based on specific needs.
  • Securing Airspace Sovereignty: A French official, quoted anonymously in Politico, emphasized the crucial role of these radars in protecting a nation’s airspace. The GM400 provides Morocco with a powerful tool to deter and defend against potential air incursions.
  • Global Reach and Proven Success: Since 2008, France has sold roughly 200 Ground Master units to 32 countries, with a notable surge of 40 units sold in 2023 alone. This global reach and growing popularity demonstrate the system’s effectiveness and reliability.
  • Mobility and Long-Range Detection: The GM400’s truck-mounted design allows for adaptable deployment. Additionally, its long-range digital radar provides superior detection capabilities, identifying targets at high and low altitudes.
  • Advanced Tracking and Countermeasures: This advanced system tracks highly maneuverable aircraft and unconventional threats like drones and cruise missiles. Moreover, the GM400 is equipped to handle electronic interference and features “Low Probability of Intercept” (LPI) technology. This makes it difficult for passive radars to detect, offering an extra layer of protection.
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